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Single Session Treatment

Fastest treatment on the market. Kills all lice and nits, so you can get back to life as previously scheduled.

Guaranteed and Proven Effective

Since 2013 we’ve successfully treated thousands of Arkansas families. We stand behind our process, and we stand behind you - We promise!

Safe, Non-Toxic, Pesticide Free

Our safe and pesticide free, lice and nit removal process using our exclusive Cool Air Technology.


Over-the-counter products no longer work, and the cost of treating at home can add up quickly.

According to published research super lice are head lice that have developed resistance to the pesticides in traditional over the counter treatment products. The evolution of SUPER LICE mean the over-the-counter products are ineffective, which makes it extremely difficult, time-consuming, & expensive to treat lice yourself.

It's our goal to help you get your life back.

More than 90% of our customers have attempted treating at home before coming to us. Why do they eventually choose us?

  • EXPERTISE: Our technology and proprietary process kill 100% of lice, even super lice, every time.
  • COST/TIME: Doing it yourself is exhausting, and can easily become more expensive than a professional treatment.
  • SPEED: Any treatment you do yourself will take weeks to complete (if successful).
  • LICE HOTLINE: We are here, local, and always available for support.
  • LOCAL COMMUNITY: We are a local business that depends on providing complete customer satisfaction.
chart showing cost of head lice treatments



I tried over the counter stuff, then got a prescription from the doctor, and my child STILL had lice! I was beyond frustrated. I called this company, and what a game changer. We Spoke to Sarah and had Janet treat us, it was all over so quick. She saw us that morning, and we were done before lunch, and that included checking all 5 of us, and treating three of us!!! I will not ever waste my time on the store-bought kits again. Oh!!! And that prescription was more than this company charges! Parents need to know this, so I decided to write a review.


Sarah showed us compassion and made my kids feel normal. She held my hand through a process that was new to me and change what felt like the end of the world into a no big deal situation. She was sweet and kind and took care of the problem in no time!


I just wanted to thank you again for taking amazing care of my family.... we appreciate your honesty..kindness..and professionalism.... Sarah is amazing and all she is missing is her superhero cape.....this place is a blessing for sure... thx the sd family!!