Services & 30 Day Guarantee

Nits End, LLC will re-evaluate any family member within 30 days of initial treatment and, if necessary, perform a secondary treatment to persons having received prior treatment provided: 1.) Nits End, LLC has had the opportunity to verify all household members are clear of lice at the conclusion of initial treatment; and 2.) all treated household members have returned within 7-10 days of initial treatment to receive their follow-up. If you fail to have a household member evaluated or fail to show for your follow-up then you forfeit your 30 Day Guarantee as agreed to by signature and initial on your consent form.

Lice Treatment Comb Out

Bentonville, Chattanooga
45 minutes and up

This is our full-service package guaranteed to rid you of lice. Includes initial treatment, one-week follow-up service and is eligible for our 30 Day Guarantee.

Head Check

Bentonville, Chattanooga
5-10 minutes per person

This is a section by section visual and combing check to verify you do, or do not, have lice. This service is recommended for every member of the household to prevent missed cases and eliminate re-exposure at home.

Lice Consultation

20 minutes

This is an ideal solution for DIY'ers who are struggling or are looking for factual information and guidance from a professional. This includes an individualized educational meeting, a single section demonstration, and a home care plan to get families on the right foot.

Terminator Lice Comb

Bentonville, Chattanooga

The very same tools we use to treat thousands of families are available to you. We recommend this comb above all others and believe it is worth its weight in gold.

Preventive Spray

Bentonville, Chattanooga

While nothing is guaranteed to protect you 100% from the possibility of lice; this spray is the best we can offer, in good conscience. Made in-house to meet with our highest safety and efficacy standards.

Travel Fee *

Bentonville, Chattanooga

This fee is assessed once per household, at the initial visit, and covers the cost of travel for the 7 Day follow-up as well. Extra visits will require a secondary travel fee.

* Mobile service only available at select locations.

Zyma Air Therapy™

30 minutes

We use the proven Zyma Air Therapy™ process with a 100% success rate. This procedure uses a cooled air medical device that kills all lice and eggs in a single 30 minute treatment. We combine this treatment with pesticide free products that are safe for adults and children. There is no at home combing or endless nights of oil applications needed. This treatment is HSA & FSA eligible for most customers.